2021 Review: Inventory Lab vs AccelerList

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First, there was Inventory Lab …and then we decided to create AccelerList... 💡

There is a handful of listing apps around the Amazon universe 🌎 right now. Some are older, and some newer. Some try to help you with data, and some try to help with your workflows.

Whichever one you pick, you'll want to be crystal clear 🔮 about the value you're getting; otherwise, you're throwing away good money.

In this article, we're going to give you a quick overview of the differences between AccelerList and Inventory Lab to help you make a better decision.

Of course, 🤷🏻‍♂️ this article is biased, but to be honest, there are major differences between Inventory Lab and AccelerList. We understand that not all of their customers will be a good fit for AccelerList.

Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab has been around since 2013 and has done a great job helping sellers with Amazon inventory management and listing products. They have a consistent UI (user interface) and have made the "listing" experience easy.  Like us, it was started by Amazon sellers.

You can do almost everything with them for your Amazon FBA business for listing and research.  You can print product labels and they have an easy to use interface. They also have a product scanning app that comes complimentary with the subscription.

Here is why you may not like Inventory Lab

Higher Costs and Slower Development

Inventory Lab has a large team of engineers but only pushes a fraction of the feature updates AccelerList does each year.  The 2016 Inventory Lab doesn't look or feel too different than the 2021 version.  For a business that may be growing as fast as yours, coupled with an ever-changing Amazon environment, we think they need to kick into a higher gear and offer more value to their users.  Especially if the price tag each month is going to be higher.

No Community

Some time in 2018, Inventory Lab closed their Facebook group and community and attempted to move it to a forum based channel on their website.  In our humble opinion, it didn't help them much.

Reselling and running a business on Amazon is a team sport.  Belonging to a community of sellers that you can lean on helps you grow and profit.  This community it seems as fallen by the waste side and the founders are not really active either.

They are not a multi-channel channel option

Our team has worked really hard to engineer our multi-channel eBay integration and sellers are earning $300-$1,000 more a month on average because of this.

Amazon is also doubling down on their MCF (multi-channel fulfillment) business and they want you to expand your business with it.   Since Amazon has built their incredible fulfilment network they are now encouraging sellers to sell on other marketplaces and let them fulfill the inventory for you.

They don't have a repricer

Jumping around from application-to-application to get work done can be confusing and time consuming.  AccelerList has your inventory, accounting, multi-channel and repricing needs all in the same app.

This means you don't have to worry about importing or exporting reports on product buy costs to other applications.  It's all right in house for you and your team.

A Beautiful Business Dashboard

Every time you enter the AccelerList app, you'll be greeted with a comprehensive business dashboard that highlights all of your key metrics. This data is dynamic and updated hourly for you as you list or review your business details.