How to find your Seller ID on Amazon’s Seller Central

Travis R.
Amazon seller & Software Founder

Finding your Amazon Seller ID is easy, finding others is easy too.

The Amazon marketplace thrives on a network of diverse sellers, but sometimes identifying these individuals behind the Amazon listings can feel cryptic. Enter the “Seller ID,” a unique alphanumeric code acting as each vendor’s fingerprint. Knowing how to access this code unlocks valuable insights, whether you’re a seasoned seller analyzing competitors or a curious shopper seeking direct communication.

Locating Your Own Seller ID:

As a registered Amazon seller, accessing your own ID is straightforward:

Seller Central: 

Navigate to your Seller Central account. Click the settings gear icon, select “Account Info,”

gear and account info

and locate the “Business Information” section. Click “Merchant Token” – this string of characters is your Seller ID.

business information merchant token
merchant token
  1. Product Page: Alternatively, visit any of your listed products. Click the “Sold by” section, then the link leading to your storefront. Your Seller ID will be embedded in the URL after “me=”.

Discovering Any Seller’s ID:

For any product on Amazon, finding the seller’s ID is equally simple:

  1. Product Page: Go to the product page and identify the “Sold by” section. Clicking the seller’s name often leads to their storefront, where the ID might be displayed prominently.
  2. URL Inspection: If the storefront lacks the ID, examine the product’s URL. Look for a string starting with “me=” followed by a series of numbers and letters – that’s the hidden prize.

Bonus Tip: Browser extensions like “Amazon Assistant” or “Keepa” can quickly reveal Seller IDs on product pages.

Benefits of Knowing Seller IDs:

  • Competitive Analysis: Research competitor pricing, product ranges, and performance metrics to gain an edge.
  • Direct Communication: Bypass generic Amazon channels and message specific sellers with inquiries or feedback.
  • Informed Decisions: Track individual seller reviews and performance to make confident buying choices.

Remember: While Seller IDs are generally public, some sellers may choose to keep them hidden. Respect their privacy and utilize this information responsibly.

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