Lost His Job but Now Sells Video Games Online

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Caleb was working the regular 9-5 when he started selling online. It started just as a small side project and then turned into a considerable part of his professional life. Back in 2018, his wife entered law school, and Caleb decided he would sell books online. He’d go to thrift stores and book sales and would flip his finds for a profit. Then he moved on and started selling video games online, and the rest, as we say, is history.

Leveling Up and Selling Video Games Online

Caleb was already thinking about moving to full time online selling when he lost his job. It was a bit scary at first for him, and he even decided to get a license to become a substitute teacher just in case he still needed something else to supliment his income, but it turned out he didn’t need that at all.  

He focused and picked the video game selling niche. It’s been a successful venture thus far and even sprouted his youtube channel Phoenix Resale where he shares a lot of information on how he sources his inventory and how he’s scaled his business over the last few years. He didn’t decide to sell full time lightly, but he knew with his wife still in law school that he had to make sure they were financially stable. By the time he jumped into selling full-time, he had already been doing it as a side hustle for over a year. He had a lot of his routine and resources in place to jump into it full time.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Sellers

Caleb was adamant about not comparing yourself to people who have been selling online for years. You should not compare your first page to someone else’s third book in a series. He felt like it was easy to look on Instagram and YouTube and see how someone else might be getting warehouse space or a big house and feel like you’re not moving fast enough. Focusing on someone else’s success will distract you from actually getting things done yourself.

Getting inspired (and there are many inspirational people in the reseller community) is one thing, but spending a lot of time wishing you had what they had will only slow down your seller journey.

Caleb has learned when it comes to selling video games online you should always have a finger on the pulse of what’s currently trending and what pop culture situations might bring to the table.

The thing that’s kicked up a notch for the past couple of years is the nostalgia factor. Our past video games and consoles are going up in value because everyone is looking to relive a little bit of happier and calmer days. Even with so many of those games available digitally, many people are looking to collect pieces of their childhood, which only helps Caleb’s business and anyone who’s out there looking for a way to make money selling video games online.

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