3 ways to speed up your product listing with AccelerList.

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Listing Products on Amazon

When you're listing products on Amazon, life can be hectic.  There a few things things you need to get right each and every time.  From FNSKU labels to weighing your boxes, there is a lot to consider.

A lot of sellers are selling on Amazon as a "side hustle".  The most successful sellers turn that side hustle into a thriving business and sometimes quit their job.

Others sell part time and treat the entire thing as a "lifestyle" business and use their extra revenue to either save for something, pay down debt or other goals.

Whatever your goals are for your Amazon business, the most successful businesses always find a way over time to "streamline their business".  Incorporating faster workflows is key 🔑 to a better Amazon business and we're going to show you how to list your products faster today.

[1] Listing Products in Batches

Batching your products into groups with similar attributes has been a best known secret for some time now, especially for retail arbitrage sellers.

If you're primarily selling books on Amazon and now you're adding CDs into your inventory it is important to remember to try to keep these products to separate batches when listing them.

Amazon determines which warehouse to direct your products to by historical sales of the same product or category.  So if you are trying to reduce the amount of split warehouse designations you are getting then keeping your batches to one product type in batch is ideal.

[2] Using an Amazon Repricer

Another surefire way to speed up your Amazon product listing is to leverage a product repricer.  Profit Reprice™ is an excellent option for you in this case and you can activate it right within your AccelerList settings page.

When you use an Amazon product repricer you don't have to stop and make pricing decisions as you list.  You can simply turn off the pricing option in your batch workflow because Profit Reprice™ or another product repricer will be making your product decisions for you.

This workflow hack can save you up to 90% of your listing time and put more capacity back into your schedule to source more products.  With hundreds of thousands of sellers on Amazon, being competitive with your pricing counts.  A repricer can help with this.  *worried about a race to the bottom on your pricing?  Don't sweat it, Profit Reprice™ has protections for that...

[3] Consolidating Condition Types

Often your products will have varying condition types as you list them and you'll need to determine that condition grade accurately and appropriately with each product.

That takes time.

The time it takes isn't something you're going to be able to get around but we do have a tip for you.  When you are listing and you're in the "zone", anything that interrupts that can set you back mentally and often it's hard to regain your focus and get back into that groove.

A simple hack for this to give your products their condition grades, separate them into piles and list them in AccelerList...one pile after another.  Listing your Amazon products this way will allow you to select your condition grade in your listing application and turn it off while you scan.

Having to stop and select a price or condition grade after each product scan can really mess with your focus.

What are some tips you can share for listing products faster?

We'd love to here your tips and tricks.  Head on over to our seller community and share with us what you have learned.  We're all waiting for you....