Amazon Blog: Weekly Roundup 12.09.16

Amazon Blog Weekly Roundup

Starting with this post we’re excited to start our Amazon Blog weekly roundup series.  There are lots of Amazon blogs out there, but not very many, relative to other web niches like “healthcare” or “saving money” or something along those lines.

We’ve curated what we think are the most relevant and practical blogs out there in the Amosphere (he he) for your reading enjoyment so you don’t have to toggle over to your numerous bookmarks each week.  If you feel there is a blog worth considering then please comment below to alert us and we’ll check it out.

Caleb just put out a recent post that was really informative about an experiment he did with 100 books for pricing.  He did a split on these books and reports which group sold better…with a repricer or without one.  Curious to know which group faired better on pricing?  Check out his post here:

Amazon Repricing Experiment

Nate McCallister and Bver Vienneau run the blog over at EntreResource and their main business is Amazon FBA but they are slowly branching out to other eCommerce ventures which is always a smart idea since multiple revenue streams is a lot more safe than just one.  In their latest article they share with us seven common beliefs that are ruining the business of new Amazon sellers.  Check out their post here:

7 Common Beliefs that ruin Amazon sellers

Spencer Haws has been blogging for years about internet marketing and just overall making money online but recently he’s been doing a lot of Amazon FBA selling and he’s taking everyone on that journey with him.  He’s had some fantastic results in the private label area and he’s worth a bookmark on your browser for sure.  This is not his most recent article but one we want you to get acquainted with none-the-less.  Have a read right here:

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$4,300 in 30 days

Ryan Grant has done very well for himself over the years in online selling and overall experiments that have worked for him.  He too is now an Amazon seller and in his latest post he lets us take a peek into his October earnings.  I thought Caleb Roth was good at Excel charts…but this guy is a close runner up!  Read it here:

October 2016 Amazon FBA Earnings

Stephen is an old hat around the Amazon world and has garnered a great reputation in the Amosphere for being humble and always wanting to help others.  His posts are usually lenghy and offer great value.  In this latest post he does a product review on StockUp.  Read what the product is about and check him out right here:

StockUp Review





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