Amazon Blog News: Weekly Roundup 01.14.17

Amazon Blog News Weekly Roundup

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Every week we curate what we believe are the most relevant and practical blogs out there in the “Amosphere” (hee hee, get it?).  We’ve organized the blog’s most recent or most important strategies, news or how-to articles so you have one centralized place to visit for all of your Amazon news.  If you feel there is a blog worth considering then please comment below to alert us and we’ll check it out.

Caleb shows us in this post what the most profitable books categories are in the oldest selling niche on Amazon, the same niche in which Amazon started in.  Hundreds of thousands of sellers start there selling careers with Amazon every year on books and The Book Flipper has mastered the art.  Check out his post here:

The Most Profitable Book Categories on Amazon

Nate McCallister breaks down what an Amazon Inventory Prep company can do for you and your business in this latest article.  Prep companies are new business model over the last 10 years and have been completely born of the wholesale and RA industry. Check out their post here:

What is an Amazon Prep Company?

Spencer Haws has been blogging for years about internet marketing and just overall making money online but recently he’s been doing a lot of Amazon FBA selling and he’s taking everyone on that journey with him.  He’s had some fantastic results in the private label area and he’s worth a bookmark on your browser for sure.  This is his most recent article:

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6 Ways You Can Make Money Using the Amazon Platform

AccelerList is hosting an informational webinar with Caleb Roth “The Book Flipper” on January 22nd about everything Amazon in 2017, the new Amazon fees structure, profit and loss and accounting.  Seating is limited and we’re almost at 100 attendees.  If you would like to register for the webinar, please add your name here.

Ryan Grant discusses the pros and cons of quitting your dayjob and becoming an Amazon seller full time.  It’s a great read with lots of practical advice in the article.  Read it here:


Stephen reviews a customer review software app called Feedback Genius which helps you manage all (we hope there is a lot) negative and positive reviews for your Amazon business:

Feedback Genius Review – Get More Positive (and Eliminate Negative) Feedback



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