Amazon seller help coming via “paid” consulting by Amazon?

In a show of support, it appears that some much needed Amazon seller help is coming for the hundreds of thousands of sellers that are coming onboard each year.  We all started out as a “newbie” and hacked our way from inexperienced to expert along the long spectrum of education needed in order to make real money and now it appears, Amazon would like to help us shorten that education path. For a fee of course.

Is Amazon seller help worth $75 an hour?

How do we know this?  The best way to speculate as to what Amazon is up to is to merely pay attention to their surveys on the Seller Central homepage. amazon seller helpAnd according to this new survey that popped up yesterday for us, it looks like that is exactly what they are doing.  What’s the most interesting and the most telling is the “options” Amazon chose and wants us to respond to in the survey.

There are 4 options to the survey for paid consulting or Amazon seller help that they would like us to consider.

  1. Basics of selling on Amazon ($75)
  2. Fulfilled by Amazon ($75)
  3. Advanced Listings Management ($75)
  4. Not interested.

They are not asking us if the pricing is acceptable which is interesting but rather what “area” we would like help in. Which then leads u to believe that these three areas must be the most asked for in the Seller Central Forums.  Which then leads us to believe that outside of the “basics” (that makes sense because every new seller needs help) it seems that FBA and advance listing techniques are the most requested help asked by Amazon.

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Reverse thought engineering

See how one thing leads us to believe other things?  Deductive reasoning is great when trying to figure out the thought process behind what Amazon does.

I went ahead and answered the survey and selected the FBA option and I’, not immediately offended by the $75 price tag either.  What do you think?

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