Selling on Amazon: 5 Amazon sellers you should be following

We’re showcasing 5 powerful Amazon sellers to help you explode your Amazon business

Forget about dropping another dime on Amazon education.  You can get your “MBA in FBA” by just following these 5 powerful Amazon sellers and executing their processes and routines. Where else can you get a round-up of some of the most successful Amazon sellers in the country?  These guys are making serious money in their Amazon businesses and there isn’t any sign of them slowing down. We’ll be updating this list as time goes on and they are in no particular order of relevance, but here is five Amazon seller experts ready to share their knowledge with you.

1. James Callis “The CD King”

***UPDATE: James Callis is still running his business but has shut down all social media channels***

James hails from the Dallas, Texas area and has been selling on Amazon for some time now.  He’s a self -identified CD expert on Amazon and is now doing around $20,000 a month in CD sales.  He is the perfect example of an Amazon seller who has picked a niche and decided to dominate it rather than selling in multiple niches.  He’s also known for being very generous in sharing his knowledge via his Muscle Monkey Media Facebook group or doing his YouTube videos.

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That knowledge doesn’t come cheap either.  James loves his toys and has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on CD repair and shrink wrap machines so he can pump out some serious volume for serious profits.  His next step is to hire remote sourcers and helpers to automate his business more.

2. Caleb Roth “The Book Flipper”

Caleb is originally from the Midwest but moved his family to Colorado after he started doing very well with his Amazon business.  Caleb mainly operates in the book niche and has a very popular website where he sells products and software to help your business.  Caleb is the perfect example of a path your Amazon business could take you, and that is software.  He’s always been good with accounting and numbers so it felt natural for him to create his popular eFlip software to help sellers find cheap books on Amazon where you can buy low and then flip them again on Amazon for profit.  You can also join him on his private Book Flipper Facebook Group or watch his videos on his YouTube community.

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3. Reezy Resells “Social Media Book Mogul”

Reezy is and has always followed in the footsteps of his hero Gary Vaynerchuk and you can tell by his energy in any of his YouTube videos that he really want’s to exceed.  He’s most likely on track to do a million dollars this year in book sales.  Yes, you heard that right…a million dollars.  And it’s mostly all retail arbitrage as far as we know which is amazing.  He has a business partner but he is the social media face of their business and he’s learning quickly how to grab attention and build a tribe.

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He’s a HUGE fan of SnapChat and has a well executed and branded YouTube channel as well.  If you want to really extract knowledge from him you can check out his private Facebook group, which is now boasting over 1500 members.  Another thing he is known for is sharing actual visits to thrift shops, Goodwill etc to show you “exactly” how to source as well sharing screen shots from his scanning app to explain rank, etc.

4. Chris, John & Mike “FBA Masters”

OK – so this is not technically just one seller, but that’s ok because these guys are a little unique.  Father and son team, Chris & John Wilkey teamed up with the analytical Mike Garner to form a “think tank” group of sorts called the “The FBA Masters.”

FBA Master Group

All three are very experienced Amazon power sellers that have expertise that spans almost all of the Amazon selling channels like RA (Retail Arbitrage), OA (Online Arbitrage) and WA (Wholesale Arbitrage). Their Facebook group boasts over 13K members and is still growing and it’s part of their platform to help educate new sellers as they come on board.  They don’t just operate in one product niche so their experience has proven to be immensely valuable.

5. Greg Murphy “Midwest Book Magnate”

Greg Murphy is sort of a legend in the book selling world, that most new Amazon sellers aspire to be.  Greg started his Amazon book selling business over 5 years ago and now has turned his passion into a million dollar plus business that focuses on just the book niche.  He has now expanded his business into teaching book sellers how to grow their business into a “mega warehouse” book dealer like himself.

Greg Murphy

He has been an example of how sellers can turn your Amazon business into a viable revenue source outside of the Amazon ecosystem.  Every expert will tell you that the Amazon channel is a great way to earn great revenue but they will also caution you to eventually expand your business so it’s not too dependent on Amazon.  It’s sage business advice that Greg paid attention too and now his business is not solely dependent on his Amazon sales as he has expanded into teaching and his Dollar Book Swap business.

There are a lot more MASTERMINDS out there in the Amazon selling world.  Comment below who you think should make the list for our next update!

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