Work flow example: Selling CDs on Amazon

When you first start selling anything on Amazon or eBay you’re pretty much a “hot mess”.  You’ve probably read a few eBooks or took a class on Udemy and you’ve committed to taking the first step in your eCommmerce business but your certainly don’t have your “workflow” mastered yet.  And having a good workflow is not just about getting the right software and processes in place.

It’s also about the tools and supplies.

This is especially true if you’ve niched down to a specific category.

For this article we wanted to use selling cds as our product example for good workflows with tools and supplies.

What are the tools for retail arbitrage?


The Box Resizer

The box resizer has been an important tool in the last couple of years ever since Amazon switched to dimensional weight for calculating shipping charges.  Don’t fill your box to the top with product and you could be paying a whole lot extra for that “air space” left over.  The box resizer helps cut down on the height of your box so you only pay for the actual size of the box that’s holding your merchandise.

selling cds on amazon

Click the picture to buy one on Amazon!

The Tape Gun

This is pretty standard in any business where you’ll need to tape and send off packages but getting the right one can mean the difference between frustration and peace. You don’t want one too loud because you might either annoy everyone around you or wake them up at night, if your the night owl working late. You also want one that is going to last for awhile. But either way, they are a must have because UPS won’t take an open box for shipment.

selling cds on amazon

Click on picture to buy from Amazon.

Two Part, Blank Shipping Labels

One little secret that most new sellers don’t know is that you can get FREE shipping labels from UPS delivered right to your house.  Their is NO NEED to purchase these labels on Amazon or any other place for that matter.  Just visit and set up your free business account and order your supplies.

selling cds on amazon

Order your free supplies from UPS

Selling CDs on Amazon and the right box

So now that you have some of the supplies you’ll need to start shipping your products to Amazon, you’ll eventually want the right box for the job too.

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You can use any box you want and that’s where your box resizer comes in handy if your getting free boxes somewhere but the sizes don’t always work.  But if you really want to be a one-stop shop for music cds while selling on Amazon, we suggest getting the perfect box for them.

We think the 12x9x6 box is the perfect solution

selling cds on amazon

It holds 46 CDs perfectly in the box when you have a CD polybag around them and there is absolutely zero wasted space in the box.  That means you don’t have to search around your office looking for box filler and you certainly don’t have to buy any either.  You can feel good about shipping your CDs into Amazon with little risk for damage to your package.

selling cds on amazon

You can get all of your boxing needs from Amazon but the shopping experience can be mixed.  We like or Walmart for our boxes.

Even more workflow supplies for selling CDs on Amazon

When you out purchasing CDs at garage sales, Craigslist ads, etc you never know what condition the CDs are going to be in and because they are a dying media, chances are they are older and will need a little tender loving care.

One way to increase your workflow and profits is to “upgrade” the condition of the CDs before you send them into the Amazon warehouse.  You can take a CD that has a condition grade of Used – Acceptable and turn it into a Used – Like New condition grade.

selling cds on amazon jewel-case-stack

Bringing it all together…

Regardless of what niche your in for your Amazon FBA business, having good workflows and picking the right box will be paramount to your success.  It’s an often over looked refinement that most FBA business owners do not pay attention too.

After you pick the right boxes for your business…head over to the AccelerList homepage and sign up for our FREE 14 day trial.  We promise you, you won’t list with another program after using us!


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