[Ultimate Guide] How to sell CDs on Amazon

selling on amazon
If you have never sold on Amazon then you’ll first need to head over to SellerCentral.Amazon.com and sign up for a FREE Amazon seller account. We recommend you become a PRO seller on Amazon for increased benefits.

So why sell CDs on Amazon?

When the Kindle and the iPad came out they said people won’t buy books anymore.  Didn’t happen.

When CD’s came out they said people would stop buying vinyl records.  Didn’t happen.

Actually the opposite has happened.  Prices for each have stayed steady and there is now a cult following around each.

And that means there is profit opportunity when doing retail arbitrage.  Especially since Best Buy said they won’t sell CDs in their stores any longer.

Let’s jump right into how to sell CDs on Amazon, shall we?

Step 1:  Find CDs anywhere you can

Finding CDs to buy and gobble up these days is easy peezy.  We suggest you start on your local Craigslist.

See the thing is, people are already counting CDs out.  According to most, it’s a dying technology.  Who is buying and taking the time to insert CDs into car decks or boom boxes anymore?





But the thing is, most people forget that folks live on an economic spectrum.  Not everyone can afford to stream music on an iPhone.  They don’t have an iPhone.

They have a CD player though.  It’s been around the house forever.

And people like to hord.  We ALL have a collection of “something”.

So you have to go on the #1 FOR SALE platform to find these CDs that people are trying to offload.  Craigslist is your friend.

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Here is a video I did that walks you through exactly how I look for CDs on Craigslist.


If you don’t have time to watch the video then check out these quick tips for finding CDs on Craigslist:

  • Only pay attention to listings with photographs
  • Look for someone selling their entire “collection”
  • Don’t be afraid to write ahead and ask them about the condition of the CDs
  • You MUST have the disc and the original artwork or it’s no beuno

Step 2:  How to negotiate the best price

I argue that the negotiation starts the moment you email the seller.  It usually goes something like this for me:

“Hello –

Just saw your ad for your CD collection.  I can come today and pick them up but I’m working on a budget.  I can take the entire collection off of your hands for $0.20 a CD (regardless of the condition)… CASH.

Please text me and let me know if you would like me to swing by and when.”

What do you think?

Let me break it down so you know exactly why I position the communication this way.




This article is not yet finished…stay tune…




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