Q4 2016 AccelerList Update

To say the last 5 months have been a whirlwind would be an understatement.  I’m more relieved that the year is winding down and Q4 is almost over than we are about the 2016 elections being over.  This of course is strictly commentary from a software owner of course.  As an FBA seller myself… I love being right in the middle of a profitable 4th quarter and we hope you’re making a bunch of money this shopping season!

Over the last couple of months we haven’t been that great at communication so we wanted to update all of our awesome customers and potential new customers of everything thats happened since we launched, where we currently are at AND where were heading over the next 3-4 months.

AccelerList launched back in late May / early April and we’ve (Jeff and I) have had our “heads down” coding, developing, brainstorming and innovating ever since we took on our first customer. Starting a bootstrapped software company is no joke.  It has literally drained the life force out (sorry…I’m a Star Wars geek) of Jeff and I since we started it and we had no idea what sort of work would be in store for us as we got going.  Well…we kinda of did…but it still took us by surprise to be honest.

Boy were we wrong

We thought we could get our MVP (minimum viable product) up and running and after about 8 months be profitable with a nice little side income business for ourselves and and also help out other sellers like us.

The cold hard reality is that designing software is a really difficult task.  It’s even more difficult when all your eggs are in one basket and YOUR every move is predicated on Amazon’s next move. 🙁 That being said, we’ve know realized that in order to really build the product we want and that we can be proud of (and our customers can be proud of) is going to take some more incredible hard work and we won’t likely take ANY income from the business for ourselves until the end of 2017.

furious businessman throws a punch into the computer

Yes, the end of 2017.

So if your thinking about creating software (and not a simple and wimpy little Chrome extension) anytime soon…heed our words in this article.

It’s a long and laborious journey and you wont be getting paid anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, we’ve spent around $50,000 dollars so far and we’re just getting started.  (Ramen noodles for us until next year sometime)

The good news is that we have something good so far and in about 2 months or so we’re going to have something really AWESOME.

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Niche software for the niche group

So creating software is hard, right?  Check.

Now, try creating software for a niche group with specialized needs and it gets even more complex.

For example, we could have created a email productivity app and made it a very general application that could be used by all.  Perhaps a Gmail plugin or extension.  There would be simple needs by the user, we could predict our development path and Google probably wouldn’t be changing things on us every three months.  Life is good.

That however wasn’t the case for AccelerList or any of the other 3rd party software apps made for Amazon’s ecosystem.

We’re creating highly specialized software (very niched, low revenue opportunity potential) for a user with ever changing workflows (MF vs FBA vs product type vs wholesale or retail) and in an environment where we can never predict our future because Amazon holds it in its tight little grip.

But still, we march on…

We started with a vision to scratch our own niche (I mean itch) and build a better product than what’s currently out there… and that’s the path we’re blazing on currently.  So lets give an update of where we’re at currently.

  • AccelerList is on version 1 or v1
  • Sellers can BULK list with us OR PRECISION list in our private mode
  • We have bugs (like bed bugs but nicer software ones)
  • We hired a kickass developer in the Netherlands and he’s brought us about 80% to the finish line of finishing v2
  • v2 will be a full inventory management listing app and have eye candy that will excite you each time you list with us
  • Then we’ll have more bugs
  • We’ll finish and roll out v2 around the end of the year or mid January and then we’ll STOP innovating for awhile
  • We’ll take the months from Jan 2017-June 2017 and work to smash all and any bugs you report to ensure the app is the most solid on the market to date for your listing needs
  • We’ll update our website
  • Your locked in to a fantastic and low monthly “founders price” (if you got in early) and you’ll be smiling when the price is at $50 next year

We thank you for your business

We really appreciate your patience and your business and love all the feedback you continue to give us as we take this wild journey with you and Uncle Amazon.  Please feel free to comment below on this article with feedback and we’ll see you online! 🙂



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