🙌🏼 AccelerList welcomes first Angel Investor

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It wasn’t too far into our conversation that night, as I was pacing back and forth in my kitchen with excitement as I told the story of AccelerList, that Caleb said he wanted in.  I told him about my Amazon seller background and Jeff’s chops at coding and our vision for the future of the company.  We weren’t just going to give Inventory Lab a run for their money, I told Caleb…we were going to surpass them eventually and become a fully integrated, multi-channel eCommerce platform that would be ready for ANY online channel that you could sell on.  And we wanted him as our first Angel Investor.

So why was The Book Flipper the perfect Angel Investor match?

Caleb to us was a true example of an entrepreneur, who has always had a plan and executed well on it.  A steady hand in an eCommcerce ecosystem that was always changing.  Caleb was successful enough on Amazon to move his entire family from Indiana to Colorado and continue to grow his brand and empire without having to find a job.  Something we all inspire to do one day.  His wife has even left her job too and joined the family business.

In addition to his Amazon knowledge and perseverance, Caleb was already a successful software company owner with his popular eFlip book arbitrage application and we liked the software experience he brought to the table as an advisor.

And lastly, Caleb was a self-described “data nerd” and that was exactly the kind of numerical veracity we desired as we continue to build out more robust accounting features.

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Next steps

With Caleb’s investment, we’re in the middle of a huge two-month long development push to bring to you some very, very exciting features like:

  • Live Batch listing (know which warehouse your items are going to)
  • Intelligent pricing (real pricing data as you scan)
  • Print labels as you scan
  • Employee Accounts
  • Sort your listings by rank within the batch to weed out slow movers
  • Better communication within the app and us
  • and much, much, more…

Sometime in August (we’ll be sure to blog about it here so ensure you sign up for our email alerts), Caleb will be joining Jeff and I in Los Angeles as we plan out the future of our pricing model and feature sets so we can get it right from the start.

With so many features, we have to ensure we strike the right balance of value for you (the customer) and the future growth of the company.  We’ll be very active for two days (think laptops, huge whiteboards and lots of coffee) as we bring it all into focus.

When it’s all said and done we’ll most likely have 3 pricing tiers you’ll be able to select from as your business grows.  Whether you’re a single low volume seller or a very large volume seller with multiple employees, we’ll fit you’re workflow.  All in the cloud, mobile and secure.

We’re excited about the future and that future includes our customers from which none of this would be possible without.  We thank you!



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